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Texas Border Patrol Agent Arrested For Physically Assaulting A Child For Five Years

A U.S. Fringe Patrol specialist was captured in Texas on charges of explicitly attacking a youngster in excess of multiple times through the span of five years while overseeing different operators and working with outsider kids caught at the Mexican outskirt, the Washington Examiner has learned.

The Brewster County Sheriff’s Department served a lawful offense warrant to 42-year-old Michael William Barends of Alpine, Texas, on Jan. 17 and arrested him that day. Barends is blamed for attacking a young lady starting in January 2015, when the youngster was 12 years of age. He did as such on numerous events, until June 2019, as per law implementation records imparted to the Washington Examiner.

Two Border Patrol authorities acquainted with Barends said he joined the organization in 2003 or 2004, and that he recently was positioned in Detroit, Michigan, and in Yuma, Arizona, preceding being moved to Texas. As an administrator, he was viewed as a piece of the executives inside the Big Bend Sector, one of nine organization locales along the southern fringe.

The injured individual was distinguished as Barends’ stepdaughter, who disclosed to her beau, an understudy at her secondary school, that the man had explicitly attacked her for a considerable length of time. The beau revealed it to a school direction advocate who contacted law implementation on Jan. 13. Specialists had the option to acquire the young lady and her mom for a meeting on Jan. 16.

The injured individual told specialists that Barends would mishandle her around evening time when everybody in the house was sleeping or when he was separated from everyone else with her. He contacted and entered her and told his stepdaughter, “this would profit her,” as indicated by the protest and testimony. He additionally asked that she contact him; however she can’t, as indicated by the testimony.

Barends’ bond was set at $200,000, and he was discharged Tuesday, as per archives. Snow-capped is a remote town with less than 6,000 occupants and is situated between El Paso and San Antonio, Texas.

Barends was referred to by specialists as “Chicken Little” for glasses he wore while on obligation. Customs and Border Protection, which directs Border Patrol, didn’t quickly react to a solicitation for input on the off chance that it intends to examine Barends.

Brandon Judd, the leader of the National Border Patrol Council association that speaks to average operators, however not the executives, told the Washington Examiner the office should put him on regulatory obligation until his lawful case is settled in court. Barends would have needed to have detailed the capture to his supervisor last Saturday, per organization conventions.

Judd said the office’s inward undertakings office should glance back at the youngsters he has had contact with.

“The organization has the duty to do the due persistence to ensure there was no one else that was hurt,” Judd said.

“It’s exceptionally disillusioning,” said Judd, who guaranteed the organization’s way of life might have been a factor in this occurrence. “The general culture in the Border Patrol — you see the board picking which arrangements they need to follow. That permeates all through the whole organization, and that is a cultural issue. At the point when individuals see individuals are pulling off things, at that point, they likewise figure they can pull off things. It generally begins little.”

Barends’ capture is the third of a Border Patrol worker in this area of Texas in ongoing history, one authority said.

“Until there is a frame of mind of responsibility inside this office, I think we hope to keep on observing this,” Judd said.

The previous summer, ProPublica uncovered a mystery Facebook page where specialists composed hostile and defamatory remarks about foreigner kids in authority, just as Democrats.

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