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13 Reasons Why: Season 4 Release And Spin-Off Plans Revealed

Right after the third season of the popular show, 13 Reasons Why Netflix soon announced the fourth season for the show as well. However, sadly enough, the streaming service also announced that this is going to be the last season as well. However, are the creative team thinking about a spinoff anytime soon? Here are the details!

13 Reasons Why: Is There A SpinOff Anytime Soon?

Hannah Baker’s character passes away in the first season itself. However, the character can come back in the form of flashbacks in the fourth season as well. The final season might also unravel the web of lies, and Ani and the group have weaved.

With the third season revealed quite recently, the production team is still working hard for the story that would be the plot for the fourth season. The filming might begin this year.

What About The Characters Of The Show?

Considering the immense popularity of the show, it is not surprising that fans are already talking about a possible spinoff of the show. One fan wrote that the spinoff show could be based on an alternative life where Hannah did not kill herself. Well, fans are talking about a life where the world is A much happier place. A spinoff won’t be a bad idea, after all! We would like to see a world where Hannah is not sad and well, not dead as well.

For now, we have too many questions and way too much at stake at this point. We need to see Winston’s determination can take him to the ultimate culprit? Will he be able to reach to Alex and his father as well? All we need are answers to loose ends of the show. With these questions solved, we can concentrate more on the idea of a spinoff, as suggested by some fans over Twitter.

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