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(2020 Edition) Best Movies On HBO That Everyone Should Watch Rn

With January’s Winter now on our sleeve, we only need gloves and a screen at our palm, to maintain heat and pass our time with fun and ease.

And what better way than to spend your time productively watching movies without wasting your time. I prefer movies over a TV show any day. Movies have all the awesomeness inside one pack, whereas, with series, it takes too long to even get to the main plot. Many a time a whole frickin season.

So take a look at the list of best movies we have shortlisted for you so you can save your time.



You pick whichever one you want to watch; we’ll give you the money so that you can watch one of my favorite movies of all time. There are three sequels to the original films and few reboots with one premiering in 2014. Possibly your phone doesn’t glitch when we get to the virus section. Uh oh! ZAPPPPPP!!!!!!

Detective Pikachu


Pika! Pika! Now, do you know why you got zapped? Kinda like Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds here helps out a little kid from killing himself and others by helping him find his father in Rhyme City, where humans and pokemon share a friendly relationship with humans, kind of like dogs do in our world.



Imagine being stuck in a loop, to relive ad infinitum a birthday that ends with a violent death at the hands of a masked killer. Yup, that’s you and Tree at 3 am. And sooner or later your friends are next, so watch this if you don’t want your friends to live. Ha-ha Happy Diaper Adult Baby Day 2U cause you’re going to wet your pants. Take my word on the pad for it.



Because I am just a fantastic guy. Humorous, aloof. I mean an oscar-winning director wants to be my friend, though won’t come 20 feet around me, that’s repulsive, and it hurts. Though, I won’t make a fuss about it because soon I’ll be rich and have a reality show after myself that’s going to appear on a list just like this, so have fun writing me off.


This is for you if you like her smell. Courtney Love is a surrogate and frontwoman of a punk rock band called Becky. She talks like sweet Alice in Wonderland but acts like an animal uncaged for the first time. Moss is an actress whose greatest asset is her eyes, and Perry being a filmmaker who feeds on the human gaze, employes her, Becky spends the rest of the movie staring at other characters or into the camera. Her eyes burn like toxic spherical potion bottles. 

Hedwig and The Angry Itch

A tale about a troubled yet lovable “slip of a girly boy.” This is a fascinating coming of age story.




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