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3 Things You Should Know About Compatible Inks

So you’ve found out about the world of compatible ink but aren’t sure whether it is a good idea to join the masses that are buying non-genuine cartridges? We have come up with the three biggest advantages to getting printer ink from an ink specialist and we want to share them with you! Our facts will stun you with their ability to save you time and money as well as providing you with ink that will withstand the test of time.

1 – Price

It’s the thing that most of us look for when trying out a new product and who can blame us! Price is important, as none of us wants to spend more money on ink when we don’t need to. Companies that sell compatible ink will pretty much beat any price of genuine ink that you can find and HP inks are often one of the biggest sellers as the recommended retail price for a genuine cartridge is expensive and you don’t get much ink for your money.

Companies that specialise in selling ink can often reduce their price because they are not having to pay huge licencing fees and so the quality of ink is the same or better than the genuine version but costs significantly less – what a winner!

2 – Service

Another great thing about compatible ink companies is the service they provide. They have to make money just from ink rather than printers as well and so they must offer outstanding service to ensure that you want to go back to them time and time again.

Companies that are keen to hook you in will often offer a money-back guarantee and customer service whenever you need them. They offer a dedicated customer service line 24/7, 365 days a year and ship for free as well as offering a lengthy money-back guarantee. It is this that you should be looking for as you can then be confident in the product that will arrive on your doorstep.

3 – Speed

The speed in which compatible ink will arrive is typically much faster than from a supplier and much easier than having to visit the local superstore to try and find the right cartridges. Take the ink for HP printer as an example; if you ordered HP ink cartridge 950/951 from an ink specialist you can expect to get it within 3 days if it’s not urgent or 1-2 days if you need an expedited service. This not only saves you time in having to go to the store or having to wait for it to arrive but it also saves you cash. Fast and cheap is a great option!

So, the next time you find your ink is running low, take the plunge and give compatible inks ago. We have been using them for years and cannot recommend them more highly. You’ll save time, money and have access to the best customer service in the world of ink every time!

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