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Lucifer Season 5: What Will Happen Next? Everything We Know About The Final Season.

It seems like our very own devil from Hell is getting yet another new season for his popular show, after all! It looks like after much controversy Lucifer is all set for a fifth season! The wait is finally over. Let us see what happens next to our fallen man! Thank devoted fans that the show was taken up by Netflix itself.

Lucifer Season 5: Release Date, Plot Device, and Other Little Details You Need To Know.

Although Netflix has not announced any release date for the final season yet, the fifth season is not releasing anytime before 2020. The show is still quite popular even after the South season, and a fifth season is all that fans need right now!

The show has gained quite the popularity of fans in a short span of time. The show revolves around the fallen man himself, who is fed up with the rules of Hell and decides to spread some evilness on earth as well. However, things take a complex yet interesting turn when the man falls for an LAPD officer Chloe.

Fans Are Starting To Start A #SaveLucifer Campaign.

The season four finale ended on a rather poignant note where Lucifer finally had to bid his farewell and return to Hell. However, he was heartbroken and had to experience a teary goodbye experience with Chloe as well. Is This the end of our fallen man? Most probably not. Considering the character’s immense popularity, when we are quite sure that he is returning for sure.

Fans were enraged when Fox canceled the show and even started a campaign where they demanded that the show is revived. Finally, Netflix came as a blessing in disguise and took over the show in June 2018. We don’t really know when the fifth season is coming, but it is not way top far enough as well.

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