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Bill Murray Teases Exclusive Details On Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The ghostbusters series has been a favorite for all the age brackets, and it has a dedicated fan base. The movie had seen changing times as the first in series came up in the year 1984 when Bill Murray played the role of Peter Venkman. The video has covered a long journey, and having relevance and fan base 36 years down the line is no joke. The movie, which has original Ghostbusters actors or OGBs aren’t going to be the point of focus this time; the time has elapsed, so does the audience, but the essence remains intact.

Bill Murray’s presence in Ghostbusters: Afterlife itself is no less of a fete for the fans and especially those who have witnessed the OGBs. Fans had a lot of expectations from the movie, and they were expecting the same set of actors, but the reality is slightly different and not expected by the fans.

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The characters and storyline

The story, this time, isn’t going to be the same, and it will be centralized around a single mom and her two kids. Although Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson were also present on the sets with Bill Murray, their roles are going to be restricted within a limited sphere, and fans shouldn’t have unreasonable expectations regarding their part in the movie slated to release on July 10th.Ghostbusters: Afterlife has a legacy attached to it, and the expectations are high, so producers are taking every caution to maintain discreetness so that it doesn’t spoil the story.

The mom and son trio moved to a farmhouse in Oklahoma city and noticed something unnatural happening over there, and the storyline thus continues and encompasses several incidents. They met a teacher who briefed them about some paranormal activities going around the place. The events going around in contemporary times have a past connection, too, and it dates back three decades.

Although Bill Murray and his colleagues aren’t going to be in the central vista this time, that doesn’t mean their roles are irrelevant. Bill Murray is going to handover his proton pack this time, so that suffices to prove that their part is still the same, and the only difference between then and now is the screen time.

The movie has been a hit in those days, and it is expected to perform in the same way, but this time, fans are of contemporary times. It will be interesting to see how the producers justify a two entirely different period and then do justice to the movie. The fans have a lot of expectations, and the video bears a legacy that the producers have to carry forward. This is going to be the test of time, and the producers will have to prove the relevance of the movie and the theme behind it to be relevant in contemporary times. So now the wait isn’t long, and fans should trust the producers and the magnificent legacy which comes with the name of Ghostbusters.

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