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Boyfriend ‘Choked Girlfriend In The Presence Of Newborn Daughter Later Forcing Her To Get On Knees And Confess Love For Him’

A MUM was choked by her boyfriend in front of her baby after being made to get on her knees and declare her love for him, a court listened.

Ian Paton, 36, is indicted for murdering Kayleigh Hanks, 29, before ringing 999 to show them: “I think I held her too hard, and she’d stopped breathing.”

Care worker Kayleigh was told to be “over the moon” to discover she was attending baby Ava after being told she couldn’t have more kids.

But when her child was seven months old, the mum-of-two was choked in front of her by her dad Paton, Hove Crown Court heard.

Jurors heard the pair had been in a turbulent on-off relationship leading up to Kayleigh’s loss on July 12 last year.


She told friends they had both been “violent” towards each other – with the court trial how Paton once grabbed her head and slammed it into a vehicle dashboard.

He also purportedly dragged Kayleigh from a car by her hair on another occasion.

And Emma Hanks, her sister, told how she observed Paton demanding Kayeligh get on her knees and tell her love for him.

Prosecutor Alexandra Healy QC told: “Emma says that Kayleigh did that and put her hands into a prayer position.”


The court learned how on July 20 after visiting her sister, Kayleigh and Paton left with their baby child to go home to Bexhill, East Sussex.

At 12.33 am, Paton then dialed 999 and asked to speak to the police, it was told.

He told the call handler: “She went for me, she had a blade. I restrained her and she is on the floor now.
“I guess I restrained her too hard and she’d quit breathing.”

The court heard that when police came at the flat they found Paton standing in the doorway remaining for them.

Paton, from St Leonards, denies manslaughter.
The trial proceeds.

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