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Dark Season 3 On Netflix? But When? 5 Things To Know

The German sci-fi thriller ‘Dark’ will make an appearance again this year with its third season. Most people consider it the European version of Stranger Things. Dark is the first German TV series produced for Netflix.

Black is not Dark enough

Throughout Season one, each episode builds up with high intensity, like a tremendous modern-day story should be told but seldom does. Most seasons are filled with fillers and take too long for a plot to unfold. The character’s response to emotional charge and circumstances are similar to an average human under such situations. Maybe because the Germans have mastered human Psychology like no other, Hitler’s gift of the gap is inherent throughout the German population.

No overdone drama here, thats what makes “Dark” such a gem, Stranger Things is a sit-com compared to this blockbuster.

Release Date for the new season and exciting Trivia

Baran bo Odar revealed in an Instagram post, almost half a year ago, that the filming was about to begin, and by now it is about to be complete: “It’s official! We are working with Netflix on Dark season three. It is the final cycle of this monstrous journey. The story always has been upto only three seasons, so we’ve seen it coming for a while and just worked to give a legendary delivery. When we developed Dark, we were happy to tell you that we are going to start shooting the final season so we can deliver you the final chapter of Dark by next year. Thank you, Netflix, for trusting us! Thank you to ALL THE DARK FANS AROUND THE WORLD! You are amazing! We love you!”

Post this discussion, Odar gave no release date for the finale, but taking the timeline of past years into consideration the show may surface again by the end of this year or very early next year. There is almost half a gap between season 1 & 2, with the season two’s last episode premiering on June 21, 2019. So it’s safe to say our assumption isn’t wrong.

All the episodes of the previous seasons were released on the same day, with Dark season 3, it will be the same case.

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As We Near The End

With the final season, things will come to a close once and for all, mysteries and riddles will be solved. It is apparent that we’ll have an answer to all questions by the end of this confusing journey that was engaging and challenged our wits at each turn. But don’t let it catch you off guard, as you can’t expect the creators to spell out anything for you. The show will challenge you until the very end, so make sure you have all the events that have happened till now mapped out before you watch the last season.

Time travel is beyond rules according to police in Rick and Morty, and the past can’t be changed. The story began in 2019 and spread through the dust of 1956 and 1986, via time travel. Things may conclude between Elisabeth and Charlotte. This season, we might get to see more of Regina Tiedemann and Peter Doppler as they survived the apocalypse. Also, a big juicy plot twist we might expect is that Elisabeth and Charlotte are each other’s mothers.

The consistent cast for the series returns. That includes Louis Hofmann as teen Jonas, Katharina, Martha, Noah, Jonas, and Lea van Acken as the anonymous girl from the future. New crew to join the turmoil are Jakob Diehl, Nina Kronjager, Barbara Nurse, Hans Diehl, Sammy Scheuritzel, and Axel Werner.

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