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How I Met Your Mother Or Friends: Ted Mosby VS Ross Geller! Who Wins The Game?

The most popular and discussed sitcoms of this and the last century is none other than How I Met Your Mother and our beloved F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fans who have seen both often spot similarities between the two.

Some say How I Met Your Mother is a rip-off of friends, even if that’s true, it’s only to a limited extent. The characters obviously resemble each other in their basic structure. Like Barney is the son of Joey, Ted Mosby shares some traits with Ross Gellar, and Marshall and Lily are the mirror image of the loving couple in Friends, Chandler, and Monica.

Not to mention they all have a regular spot they like to hang-out at. And Carl the Bartender is basically a younger Gunther.

So here are some similarities and differences between Ted Mosby and Ross Geller to establish our hypothesis. It’s up to you to decide who wins the game.


  • In the Pilot, both Ross and Ted Mosby met their potential love for the first time, and the show would go on to develop their affair in a much similar manner. It’s no coincidence and denying the fact that How I Met Your Mother is actually inspired from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • In that very episode, Ross made a statement that “He just wants to be married again.” In contrast, Mosby said, “Okay, I’m ready where is she” while trying to convince Barney that true love is everything before locking eyes onto their “love at first sight” woman and losing it.
  • To go in-depth, Mosby was even told to study Ross Gellar. They were the only actors who acted weird and made face expressions when they became highly strung or edgy. Mosby even talks about his puppy face with Robin early into their relationship.
  • They both dated several ladies throughout the season, wanting an intimate loving relationship and not just a casual hook up.
  • Both of their marriages went tremendously wrong due to an ex; Ross with Emma and Mosby with Stella as well as both the weddings were awfully rushed.


  • Ross has superior acting compared to Mosby. Both of them had sequences where a stage for laughter was their facial expressions. Ross never failed to deliver, and Mosby’s entirely fell off his face.
  • Mosby has better luck with women, whereas Ross is sometimes shy and highly awkward.
  • Ross’s dorky moments were more epic compared to Ted’s, where his voice gets squeaky. Just knocked me out with laughter.
  • They’re both awful when it comes to love, though Ross takes the cake when he screws his relationship up with Mona for not telling her he’s still married to Rachel. On top of being irrationally jealous and angry when he tries to get with Rachel’s sister to get back on her.

That’s our picks. If you think we left something out, be sure to leave a comment as we can’t recall everything at once. It would also provide a good incentive for Nostalgia. And for those who went through the whole article, we hope you have a smiley day and find something hilarious to laugh at today.

If you know of a sitcom even funnier, we’d love to hear what it is that got you cracking up, so don’t forget to leave a comment before you go.

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