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Marvel Avengers: Why The Game Would Be The Best Thing After Endgame Movie

After Avengers: Endgame, there is good news for the Marvel fans as  The Marvel Avengers was all set for release next year. As the game announced as part of a new partnership with Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix early last year. The game will release on 15th May 2020 as confirmed by both Marvel and Square Enix.

How Marvel Avengers Could Be The Best?

Now Marvel Avengers is ready to go and it will be the best game in the Marvel gaming universe. There are many reasons to justify the fact that the game will be a huge blockbuster.

  • Avengers Assemble

After Endgame, it is almost impossible that the first avengers will reunite once again, so the game will play a huge part in the reunion. Fans will have a meltdown while playing it as these Avengers made their childhood awesome.

  • Iron Man

Iron Man is so far gone in the franchise and after a tremendous career, his journey came to an end. Now the game will only have his appearance which could be enjoyed by the fans. He is the most favorable Avengers and his mechanics in the game are on point, so it could be a joy to play as him.

Gameplay Reveal At Gamescom

Gamescom teased the gameplay of individual characters. Likes of Thor, Iron Man and every other Avengers in action.

What’s Missing In Avengers?

HawkEye Missing?

However, there was every Avengers character beside Hawkeye, so it could be a huge mistake by the developers. Hawkeye is an important character in the fundamental Avengers plot, so omitting his character could not be enjoyed by the fans.

Character Rights

The most disappointing thing in the game as the characters are not licensed. Likes of Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Natasha Romanoff, Mark Ruffalo will not be in the game. This could be a bad move by the developers as these characters are fundamental for the game. This could impact the popularity of the game as these characters had their last share on-screen with the last installment of Avengers. So fans could see them united for a one last time and they don’t care about it whether it’s a game or a movie.


In this game, there is a much need to clarify the plot as we can assume that Captain America will be no more in the game storyline. First, the omission of Hawkeye and now Captain America Death, the game will be full of twists and turns.

We are not fully sure that game will be a massive success on the basis of its gameplay but we are sure Avengers brand could save it from being a disaster.

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