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Netflix Officially Announces An Anime Movie Of The Witcher

An anime movie for the Witcher series was found listed in the WGA catalog. Netflix confirmed it on their twitter page ‘NX’ that a Netflix movie for The Witcher was well underway.

A team led by LHissrich and BeauDeMayo will be writing and creating the new Witcher story, the same studio behind the critically acclaimed show, The Legend Of Korra.

No dates have been given by either studio or Producers as the script is still in its initial stage of being written.

Nightmare Of The Wolf

The new Witcher movie may arrive before season 2 of the series. It’s dependent upon the makers how they wish to tell the story. Since it was confirmed before any news of season 2 came out, they may have deemed it important now to actualize a movie to fit in the story, that they need to put out before following on the season.

The Witcher lore and Universe is massive, so it makes sense they made this decision to capture some significant incidents that may have happened during season one or two, or could be a prologue or back story, so the fans don’t fall out the bracket.


In a new tweet by Lauren Hissrich, one of the writers for this alluring tale provides a clue to fill the gaps of where the story might land. Creator, executive producer, and showrunner for the television Witcher series.

According to her, they’ve been keeping this news a secret for well over a year. That also implies a year before The Witcher TV series came out.

This could mean one of these two things.

  • They decided on a plot to compliment The Witcher’s story in some way, or a parallel quest if the show was to be unsuccessful somehow, or about a new tale entirely.
  • The Witcher anime movie is a prologue to the events of what happened in The Witcher.

I personally haven’t watched the show but played all three games for it. And it’s a bigger game than any I have ever played. Over 300 hours it took for me to complete it. The game is better than the series, of course, because the story turns concerning the choices you make.

If there is something I learned from the game is that the story has massive lore, possibly ten times bigger than the world of Game Of Thrones.

There are a lot of exciting characters. Geralt comes in contact with. Geralt has a vast story for himself even before when Ciri was born, such as him joining The Witcher academy where only one guy survives the Trial of Grasses, while rest die a painful death — then getting amnesia after getting entangled with the Wild Hunt, which led to the start of an epic romance with Triss. The show still hasn’t covered most of this so we could see some of it in the movie. In the game, you could ‘choose’ to do romance, which shifts the plot considerably as you lose allies and gain some with a chance of being abandoned by everyone, even Ciri.

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