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Quentin Tarantino Wants To Make A Series Of Bounty Law

Quentin Tarantino is taking us back to the world of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. In an interview with Deadline Tarantino says he wrote and is planning to direct five episodes of Bounty Law. The fictional Tv show from the movie in which Leonardo Decaprio’s Rick Dalton played Jake Cahill.

“It got an introduction from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but I don’t really consider it part of that movie even though it is,” Tarantino said. “This is not about  Rick Dalton playing Jake Cahill. It’s about Jake Cahill.”

When Will It Air?

I’ll be ready, though. Even though he said he’d be directing all five episodes, he said it’ll take him a year and a half to complete them. The news broke out on January 18, and he might take a year to write them.

There is no official word on whether or not series has been ordered on begun production or if Leonardo DiCaprio will reprise his role of Rick Dalton or if Brad Pitt will be his stunt double. I personally won’t watch if any one of the conditions is not met honestly, but I’m curious to see how Cahill’s meeting with Major Nathan Maxwell Janice ends after Jake has killed his baby boy.

It would be the first time a Tarantino spin-off has been teased and then not made. There were rumors he would make Fox Force 5, the pilot of Uma Thurman’s character’s Pilot episode from Pulp Fiction, that never happened but we got KIll Bill, that’s pretty close to what fans wanted and Double V Vega – that was going to connect Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. These are just the examples of spinoffs he’s had plans for but never saw the light of the day or ever heard of again. Let’s hope this is not the case again. We want a Tarantino cowboy movie.

Rick Dalton, a.k.a Jake Cahill

If Bounty Law gets created or not, apparently there is a 4 hour cut of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood that Tarantino says we might get to see soon.

Tarantino’s Confession

There’s a rumor that Tarantino has finished writing all the episodes and they’re al 30 minutes. There is a hell of a lot of storytelling going on in these minutes Tarantino claimed.

Tarantino earlier in 2019 said his tenth film will be his last and confirmed that Kill Bill 3 is definitely on the charts. This is sad to hear about such a legendary director, who has been nominated for many Oscars but not won any, kind of like DiCaprio of ‘behind the camera.’ Let’s cross our fingers fam, Tarantino is going to unwrap his last Christmas Presents on us, and that would probably be the release date.

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