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Sex Education Season 2 Ending Explained! What Does Issac Deleting Message Mean For Otis And Maeve’s Fate

It’s been one hell of a ride. The new season brought so many twists in the spectrum; we see everyone’s true colors now. And some stuff you see here you can only find in Sex Education. It’s the end of Season 2, so would you say that by now you are sexually educated? If not, continue reading.

We have broken the ending down for you in three phases, followed by a special phase, so keep reading without skimming to find an exclusive jackpot.

Phase 1

Though this love triangle seems to be settled, for now, it will surely rear its way back again in Season 3. Adam’s made tremendous emotional progress this season. However, Adam adapting to his new sexuality and learning how to be appropriately deal with intimacy with others are going to be the big core plots for season 3.

While Adam may be open now about his sexuality, will he and Eric be able to find true happiness and be accepted by others? Or, eventually, be ridden to kill themselves like Romeo and Juliet.

Rahim warned Eric that he’d made a mistake by choosing Adam over him – Do you think that he’s right?

Elsewhere, Jean was informed that she is Jakob – right after Jakob told her that Jean wasn’t ready for the kind of commitment he needs.

Phase 2

Following a drunken episode that saw Otis lose virginity to a ‘mean girl’ Ruby, Otis apologized for 39 episodes for publicly deriding both Ola and his long-time crush Maeve.

It wasn’t that Maeve didn’t have enough issues already now with the return of her mother, Erin who was fading to drug abuse, prompted Maeve to go with her to social services while giving care her little sister to someone responsible.

Phase 3

Maeve found comfort in her new friendship with Isaac but is stabbed in the back soon as she turns on her heel.

The episode ended with Issac deleting a new unheard voicemail she received from Otis, where he broke down and apologized to Maeve for the 40th time while professing his love for her.

Hopes for Otis and Maeve shattered soon as the season ended – leaving fans bereft. Though don’t be sad, the way these shows are these days. The next season will probably start with Maeve meeting Otis in a coffee shop where she won’t give a damn, then go to Issac, and they will probably end up doing some sex education.

Special Phase

Well, now that you’ve read so far we have to give you a very “special thanks” for following through. You’re the person that makes all of this special. And shows like these are the ones that create a false perception self-image within us. And we are the ones that create self-doubt and perception others might have for ourselves. In a nutshell, they are all our perceptions. Everyone is too busy just checking themselves. Self-love and acceptance is a must for confidence.

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