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She-Hulk: Everything To Know About The Most Anticipated Disney Plus Arrival

The Savage She-Hulk was brought to life by Stan Lee and John Buscema on November 13, 1979. Growing up, she was meek and mousy, had little confidence owing to the parental abuse she used to suffer as a child.

She-Hulk’s Origin

Jennifer Susan Walters is a lawyer working for the Goodman firm and cousin of Bruce Banner. Once while following the case of one of her clients, she discovered the hidden identity of a sought after the criminal. On being spotted, Jen ran for her life and was fatally wounded before she could reveal the identity of the criminal. Bruce fended off the attackers and into broke into a doctor’s clinic to give her immediate blood transfusion to keep her alive, unavoidably contaminating Jen’s blood with his gamma radiation all the while clinging to her unconscious self.

Jen opens her eyes in a hospital where she’s surrounded by goons disguised as doctors examining her blood and vitals. One guy tried to take her out with an injection before he could penetrate her skin, Jen transforms into the She-Hulk for the very first time- sensing the danger. Destroying the hospital in turn and crushing the bones of her enemies, getting a confession from one of the goons, Jen planted her foot on the firmly on the then launched herself a few hundred meters into the air.

The Disney+ Revival Of The Femme Fatale

She is supposedly set to start filming this summer, despite not having a star yet. Kevin Feige announced three new Disney+ features this winter as well.

The Premiere of the She-Hulk with a guarantee is not coming out this year or anytime soon even though it has been confirmed. It is due to the fact that Marvel has its hands full with Winter Soldier and Falcon, and WandaVision at the moment, as they’re set to premiere this year.

To start filming without even having a suitable actress to fill the role sounds like Marvel is rushing things way too much. Correction Disney is rushing things way too much.

They have so many features lined up for the following years it’s hard to keep up. Twitter is buzzing with Marvel’s new announcement every day.  With all the hastiness in just pushing the characters out so fast, it’s possible they don’t even have a good script or cast in place. It’s just a tick-box at this point. And this is one of the reasons I don’t like that Marvel has been absorbed by Disney.

They are getting random writers to finish the plot for them, and it’s hard to say how much CGI budget they’ll be expending. Though, with the wave of things and Disney already spending most funds to buy off Marvel, things do not look promising for certain characters.

I wouldn’t like the characters to be lazily written and butchered, but they do have a lot of source material, it’s just a matter of choosing the right people for the job.

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