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The Magicians Season 6 Release Date, Cast Updates And Other Things To Know

The magicians enchanted us with its first dark magic way back in 2015, and left us in kind of a dry spell ever since the last season dropped; it left us wanting more.

Most seasons end in a cliffhanger. But with this show, every episode is a cliff hanger! This is Syfy’s longest-running current tv series, which hasn’t seen its end yet.

Story till now

Two new episodes are out for the new season, and already, there is no sign of Ajay. Watchers favorite character from previous seasons died a gruesome death last season.

This sucks because now everyone follows the formula of Game of Thrones, and he was given so much time to develop as a character debunking the speculations of his existence and death because we weren’t given any.

Thus, eliminating the fear that he’s dead and crushing the hopes of the fans who wished to see him through.

On top of that, Quentin is lying dead under cold water. Therefore much of the new season is going to be about mourning their departed friends and carrying on with their lives in a depressed and sedated manner.

Likely Release Date

All the seasons of The Magician have aired in January except the first season, which was premiered in December. Thus the rest of the seasons would not break the pattern and most likely release in December or January.

The show has had a pretty low budget, so we do not expect them to do anything extraordinary, like hiring more staff or going extravaganza on the CGI budget. Hell, they even killed two important characters to minimize expenditure. Only the producers can tell you how the show can float submerged from the flooding.

Either way, Syfy has run out of too many scripts to adapt from or the novels, so, quite disappointingly, the source material is no longer available either way to predict how or what the following seasons would be like.

Syfy’s decision about the story arc and production

Syfy hasn’t given any word about the sixth season yet, but the creator Sera Gamble told the News Weekly that the show would run for the foreseeable future at the premiere of the fourth season. “Foreseeable future” does sound like a few more seasons to me to be on the platter. Let’s put a nozzle on it, and let’s hope the gun doesn’t pop before its time to go kaboom.

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