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Top 5 Sitcom Series That Won’t Make Your Weekend Boring

Let’s admit it! Weekends are getting more boring than ever. So let’s take a look at those sitcom series that will make you binge-watching during the entire weekend. 

Sitcoms are one of the most popular genres of movies as it is hilarious and easy to watch. It does not require hours to finish just one episode. In sitcoms, each episode is created so short and simple that you can finish during a break or after a long day of work. 

Here are a few exciting sitcoms that should be on your watching list! Let’s check it out! 


The list starts with a quite different series. Unlike so many sitcoms on the Internet, Mom spends a lot of time describing the life of people in desperation. They struggle quite hard to live day by day. From the first episode, you can feel that pretty clearly. 

The series is about Christy, who used to be an alcoholic and addict, and now she is trying to recover to support her family. Bonnie, her mother, was also an alcoholic and addict. 

Mom can give you a sense of relaxation after a long workday

But the thing that makes this series interesting is that the relationship between Bonnie and Christy has been so terrible for years. During the entire series, you will see that Bonnie and Christy are trying their best to rebuild relationships with their daughter, and of course, it is hardly successful. 

The series is an accurate description for those who used to absorb themselves in drinking and trying to find ways to live a healthy life. 

2 Broke Girls

If you are looking for a series to binge on weekends, this is it. Since I discovered 2 Broke Girls, I watched every episode from the beginning to the last one of season 6. Well, it’s weird yet fascinating to follow. 

What I love about this series is that there is Max, who always makes things fun. But Caroline is an entirely different type of person. The combination of them makes me laugh so hard on each episode. 

2 Broke Girls brings about so much laughter in almost every episode

Another cool thing about 2 Broke Girls is that when watching it, you will have a feeling that you are with the characters on their long journey from seasons to seasons. 

Sometimes, the idea tends to be boring from season to season, and yet, they have released up to 6 seasons. If you don’t like series that requires lots of attention to be entertained, well, this might be one of your favorite. 


Another typical sitcom series that you cannot miss! 

Until now, Friends has released up to 10 seasons in 10 years. Those numbers perhaps can show you how popular and loved this series is to the audience. Friends is a series that makes you stop and search for the name of actors and actresses. It’s fair to say that the series is very addictive. 

If you are looking for a series about adult life and friendship, this is for you

Perhaps the main reason why Friends is so popular is that people can easily relate to it. We all have a very annoying friend. We all have a friend who always makes good jokes. All of those mundane things have been described very vividly in Friends. 

If there is a list of best sitcom series, Friends would undoubtedly be on it. There’s a good reason why it has up to 10 seasons, and people still wish for more. There are lots of moments in Friends that people capture and post on social media because they can relate to them pretty well. 

How I Met Your Mother 

This list cannot be complete without How I met your mother. Since the first season came out, people were so in love with it because the story is exciting. Unlike other dramas that always exaggerate things, and no matter how silly the characters are, they will always get a happy ending.

There are a lot of good advice on How I met your mother that you can note down

Well, things do not happen that way in How I met your mother. It is a story about relationships between adults and other complicated problems that come with it. 

You will love How I met your mother because there’s a good chance that you will see yourself in it and possibly, may be able to find good advice from it. 

The funny thing about this series is that you can hardly guess who the mother is until the final season. And there is one certain thing is that you would never think that’s how the series ends. 

Hannah Montana 

The story starts with Miley Steward – a fourteen-year-old celebrity who is trying to live a normal life like any other ordinary kid. Things begin to be interesting when she likes a boy in her class who always strive for high grades. 

Hannah Montana is a great sitcom, especially for teenagers

Miley Steward has a father named Robbie, who is her manager and ger confidante in her daily life. Just like any teenager, Miley has to deal with problems in school as well as in her social life. Things keep getting harder for her when she wants to keep her life both as a typical teenager and a celebrity. 

Hannah Montana has attracted a large number of audiences from all over the world. Indeed, Disney is very good at styling a show specifically for a specific group of viewers. 

Let’s Wrap It Up, 

Do any of the above names pique your interest? If yes, let’s note all of them down and go to hd123movies.net to watch it right away! 

Don’t forget to share which one you like the most and share it with your friends. 

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