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West World Season 3: Who’s In The Cast? What’s The Plot? Release Date And Other Details

HBO is pretty tight-lipped about Westworld’s upcoming season, they’ve still managed to put out teasers and enough content to keep fans mulling over till the show returns to screen.

Here is a roundup of everything we know about the new season.

  • We’ve seen the first two seasons from the perspectives of Dolores Abernathy and Man in Black. Taking from the teasers and trailers, we’re convinced a new perspective might be introduced in this season, taking a sharp turn into something new with their brand new character inhabited by Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pink, Aaron Paul.
  • This season is perhaps the most action-packed and thrilling to date. Sequences have a feeling to it as if Assasins going to go berserk any second in their black outfits.
  • Lena Waithe (The Chi) will appear in Westworld 3. It’s unknown though what role she will be playing, it’s got to do something with the oncoming conflict between humanity and robots/hosts.
  • Vincent Cassel, The Black Swan from the Ocean’s Thirteen, is also signed up as cast for all ten episodes.

Release Date and Other Information

Westworld, unlike many other repetitive seasons, likes to take time with their production of beautiful series so that they can have a tight story and eye stabbing action sequences combined with each scene looking nothing short of perfection. The atmosphere, lighting, camera angles, stunts, they’ve nailed it all.

The HBO has confirmed the season to be finally launched on March 15, 2020, at exactly 9 p.m. ET. On HBO and other streaming services. HBO gave us a heads up of something massive dropping after the disastrous season 8 of Game Of Thrones concluded.

With all these classics that HBO is dropping, it’s slowly growing to be our favorite Cable and satellite television network. We know that HBO leaves no expenses or support when it comes to making their shows grand. It was the writers that ruined Game Of Thrones, where HBO offered them an extra budget and more episodes to complete their story, which they did not utilize so that D&D could get back to their Star Wars franchise. They just in it for the dough, if you agree, completely boycott D&D and all that linked with.

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