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93-Year-Old Mother Screams For Help As Monster Daughter Brutally Beat Her With A ‘Belt’ For Wetting Herself

Daughter Brutally Beats Her 93-Year-Old Mother With Belt

A supposed senior abuser faces as long as 18 years prison over terrible video film said to give her belting her multi-year-old mother. Lottie Morgan, 57, was captured on January 12 after her child Lenny shared the video on Twitter, and was requested into guardianship after a court hearing Friday. The horrifying film keeps going only three seconds; however, it shows Morgan, of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, hitter the anonymous old lady with the cowhide belt multiple times.

She can be heard murmuring about managing her mother’s ‘brilliant mother loving’ before the clasp removes, with the assault said to have been incited by the old lady wetting herself. The lady said to be Morgan had just started beating the unfortunate casualty before the camera began rolling, and gave no indications of halting when recording halted.

Investigation Status

Lenny Morgan inscribed the video: ‘I need everybody help, please retweet ASAP !!!!! ‘This is my mom with this dark hat on whipping my old grandma which she is in her mid 90″s she’s hitting her with a belt simply because she pissed on herself which is out of her control the state needs to step in.’

The video was generally shared, with police getting included in the blink of an eye a short time later. After her capture, Morgan was accused of cold-bloodedness to people with illnesses and liberated on $1,500, WAFB detailed. Those charges have now been moved up to the second-degree battery.

She was then ready to move once more into a similar house as she supposed injured individuals, who police say endured wounds in the wake of being beaten with the belt. Judge Kelly Balfour said he had not seen the video film when setting bail in the wake of repealing it. Courses of action have likewise been made for the old lady in the video to live elsewhere.

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