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Coronavirus: 5 Safety Measures You Should Take To Repel The Virus Away

An anonymous virus that has spread all over the country killed around 17 people and contaminated more than hundreds of people and is spreading from person to person more rapidly than expected.

Can cause through contact with an infected person

Doctors claimed that anyone could catch coronavirus by an infected person who sneezes or even coughs near the person’s face.

It was first expected that the virus could spread by very close contacts like hugging, kissing, or sharing utensils.

“We are now seeing second and third generation spread,” said Heymann, who is the chairman of a WHO committee collecting data on the virus.

There are three generations of the transmission

There are three cases of transmission of the virus. In First-generation, it is transmitted from animals to humans. In the second generation, it is transmitted from humans to humans, and the third generation is when a newly contaminated person passes that to another person.

There is no evidence that is the virus is spread through a room or by the flu.
The cause of this virus is considered as the contact of humans with infected animals that are illicitly sold.

“It looks like it doesn’t transmit through the air very easily and probably transmits through close contact,” Heymann said. “That was not the case with SARS.”

Doctors claimed that older people and people with health issues are likely to get affected more easily.

Follow the precautions given below

People in affected areas are ordered to wear masks, wash hands timely and avoid close contact with ill people.

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