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Father Waited Two Hours To Call After Finding Infant Daughter Dead

A Michigan man is accused of killing her infant daughter due to hunger. Also, he waited for hours to file a report about the scene, and finally, when he informed the officers, he was found extremely calm.

Found the infant unresponsive after 19 hours of her death

The suspect is identified as Seth Welch.
Mary Welch, the 10 months old. Her father, Seth Welch, found her unresponsive after 19 hours when she died.

Died due to starving

Autopsy reports revealed that the infant was dead due to malnutrition, starvation, and hunger. The duo used to neglect the infant.

Reportedly, officers claimed that when they received a call on 911 by Seth to report the death of her daughter, they notice Seth very much soothing.

Seth called 911 and said: “Hi, I guess I don’t know if this is the right place to report this to. I’m at home, and one of my children is dead”.

The dispatcher responded to the call and asked Welch that if he is sure that the baby is dead.
Welch answered in return, yes dead as a doornail.
He added: ”You know. It’s just another day, right? You know, it is what it is.”

According to the reports, Welch also messaged someone regarding selling a goat and also searched about the kidnapping of a rapper before calling 911.

The infant’s crib was extreme wet

Prosecutors saw the baby’s crib during investigation in which they found her bed was extremely wet urine. Also, the urine extended to the wooden crib.

Welch’s lawyer quarreled that Mary’s death was unintentional; she died due to poverty and lack of proper care.
But the prosecutors found that their home has a good stock of food, but there was no baby food at home.

Charges against the duo

Seth Welch and her wife Tatiana Fusari is charged with first-degree murder child abuse and felony murder of her infant daughter.

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