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Optimizing Your Business in 2020

So you have a business and are looking to push the envelope and stay ahead of the pack to the best of your abilities. There are a plethora of facilities, tools, and strategies at your disposal to take your business to the stratosphere. However, there are a few useful, albeit underlooked tools that you ought to incorporate into your business. These are GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoTo Training. 

What is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is an excellent tool for teleconferencing, online meetings, and sales demonstrations, among other things. 

It is exceptionally flexible and can be used with any browser, and the latest mobile devices. GoToMeeting boasts a multitude of spectacular features, some of which will be discussed subsequently.  

It is especially useful for companies that have employees stationed in different parts of the world because it makes for a simple, efficient, and super cost-effective way to get all your employees aboard through an online seminar instead of having them fly in for an important meeting.

GoToMeeting allows you to schedule, host, and record your online meetings. The free version is fully featured. However, it enables you to connect only two additional people. If you have a small project and do not have a big team under you, this may be perfect for you. However, you may want to go for the paid version should you have a sizeable team working with you. 

GoToMeeting works like most commercial applications in that it affords you features based on the price you are willing to pay. Check the GoToMeeting pricing and choose a plan that suits you the best. Here are some of its core features: 

HD Video Conferencing

GoToMeeting allows you to be seen and heard clearly. This can be particularly useful during sales pitches or otherwise intense discussions. 

Provision of Toll-Free Numbers

If you have attendees calling in, they can use the toll-free numbers to avoid long-distance call charges. 

Lets your Customers see what you see

As you give your presentation, you can show your attendees what you see, thereby improving your communication with them. With the number of attendees you may have in this day and age, this feature can prove to be a boon. 

Multiple meeting moderators

Your project or meeting may have several of you in charge. GoToMeeting allows you to share control of the meeting or turn it over to someone else. 

Sharing Keyboard and Mouse Control

If you are the meeting organizer, you have the option of giving another user control over the mouse and keyboard while retaining the general meeting administrator control.

Record it 

Some people will inevitably end up missing the meeting for numerous reasons. You can record and save the entire session and have your attendees watch it at a later time. 

Drawing tools:

GoToMeeting allows you to draw and highlight essential items on the screen during your meeting. 


GoToWebinar is an online conference software that can enable anyone to host a professional webinar from the comfort of their home or workspace. It offers just about all the features of GoToMeeting. However, there are some differences, and your priorities will dictate which of the two tools you should go for. 

What Is the Difference Between GoToMeeting & GoToWebinar

Purpose of Presentation

Firstly you need to decide the intention of your presentation. 

If you wish to merely discuss marketing and sales plans with your business partners, GoToMeeting should suit you just fine. 

However, if you plan on to take it up a notch and give information to attendees from the general public, GoToWebinar offers more flexibility. In other words, GoToMeeting is more of a collaborative tool, while GoToWebinar is better suited for presentations.

Participant Count

The number of attendees you plan on drawing in for your presentation determines which program you should choose.

GoToMeeting is known to support only 25 attendees at a time. GoToWebinar, on the other hand, is capable of accommodating up to a thousand attendees. 

On the flipside, GoToMeeting is a more interactive program than GoToWebinar. It allows you to converse with your attendees. 

However, GoToWebinar allows your attendees to merely “raise their hand” to be noticed. Also, it does not allow attendees to communicate with each other. Ultimately, you ought to consider the kind of presentation you are doing and the number of attendees you plan on having.

Presentation Schedule

While both tools allow you to schedule your event by day and time, GoToMeeting affords you the option to set up a meeting instantly. In other words, you can start a session on impulse. GoToWebinar, on the other hand, requires you to schedule your presentation or event in advance and have your attendees register in advance as well. 

Provision of Report and Surveys

GoToMeeting offers you a limited report after the meeting that shows you the number of attendees. 

However, GoToWebinar provides substantiated reports that include details like the number of registered guests, the number of attendees, and the results of your polls and surveys. This information can help you prepare for future webinars, and in turn, help build your brand.


GoToTraining allows you to create an entire catalog of courses to offer your students. It also has provisions to collect payment for the material you provide. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch your online training course and bring value to your students as best as you can, GoToTraining is your answer. 

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