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Over 20,000 People Sign Petition To Move Super Bowl To Saturday Which Initially Started With A New York Teen

A New York-based teen has urged around 20,000 people to join him in signing a petition prepone the Superbowl to Saturday instead of Sunday as it will be difficult for football fans to attend.

Staying up late on Sunday would be difficult

Frankie Ruggeri told that staying up late on Sunday could cause trouble for the people to get up on Monday for school and work.
The 16-year-old thinks it would be better for the spectators as well as for the NFL.

He spoke in his Change.org petition that switching the game on Saturday would bring more wealth, more audiences, and more travelers to the game.

This idea strikes in his mind while having dinner with his family and discussing the game.

“He has a lot of passion in his heart,” his dad, Frank Ruggeri told CNN.

He collected several statistics

To make his point stronger, he researched several statistics like around 17 billion US employees skip their work and school a day after attending the show.

When CNN asked what his reaction was to the number of signatures on his petition, he responded, “It’s like if the Rams won the Super Bowl pretty much.”

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