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X Factor Alum Danny Tetley Sentenced 9 Years In Prison For ‘Begging’ Kids For ‘Inappropriate Images’ Of Them

Alum Danny Tetley Sentenced 9 Years In Prison For This Crime

X-FACTOR star Danny Tetley was today imprisoned for a long time in the wake of utilizing his popularity to ask youngsters to send him revolting pictures in return for money. The “abominable animal,” 40, “manhandled his VIP status” to prepare his unfortunate casualties and power them to send him bare pictures.

The performer sent X-appraised photographs of himself to show the kind of stances he needed from them in 10,000 sickening WhatsApp messages. Tetley never met any of the teenagers – matured 14 to 16 – yet occupied with “exceptionally physical visit” with them as he endeavored to persuade them to send stripped pictures for up to £1,000-a-period.

He revealed to one kid “the more on appearance, the better the cost” as he dogged him for pictures for his “own remote sexual satisfaction”. At the point when he was captured, he had a go at worming out by asserting his Facebook was hacked and told cops he was unable to adapt to his X-Factor distinction.

Tetley demonstrated no feeling as he was confined for a long time today – with a further eight years on the permit when he is discharged, the Telegraph and Argus announced. He had a month ago conceded to paying five high school young men to send him disgusting pictures.

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