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The Walking Dead Is Going To ‘Resuscitate’ A Character

The Walking Dead has been around for nearly ten years. And over the ten years, it has managed to kill most of our favorite characters or kept their status a secret long enough to keep us guessing, then to bring them back in the most fashionable way magically.

From the massive list of long-deceased characters, there is a chance some might be alive and come back swinging an arsenal in the seasons to come.

The AMC producers said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that they are going to resuscitate a fan-favorite character in the following season. So we made a list of possible candidates.

First in this list is:

Scott Gimple

The muscular red-headed combat skilled mercenary has the highest chance to swivel back in the series in a dream sequence or come to the magical rescue of his friends when things become crazy dangerous.

Merle Dixon

No matter how evil his character was, he became a fan-favorite with his badass way to withstand the apocalypse. His sacrifice in the show made his death graphic. Though the CW is in talks of making Dixon brothers prequel, which I am rooting for and interested in watching.

The Governer

There are tonnes of rumors all over the internet for The Governer to make a stylish comeback. The show gave him a whole back-story and transformed his life in the show altogether to give his character depth only to kill him quickly. If anyone has the highest chance of revival, it is him. But will The Walking Dead go so far as to bring back a villain dead from five years ago?

Beth Greene

The character I miss the most in the series is Beth Greene. Her death was tragic and undeserved. But maybe the beautiful seamstress found other shows to be on. That doesn’t mean the producers won’t hire her back. She did miles to increase the show’s TRP.

Rick Grimes

Last but not least, to make a comeback is Rick Grimes. Rick Grimes has been the essence of The Walking Dead. He is, in fact, The Walking Dead. If the show doesn’t find a way to bring him back, it is highly un-watchable. So look out for the beloved fan-favorite character to make a return as well.

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