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Horrifying! Doctor Injured Baby During C-Section As It Moved Too Fast

Doctor Injured Baby During C-Section

A newborn supposedly injured throughout a cesarean; doctors also said to the mother the baby ‘shouldn’t have moved so much.’

19-year-old Darya Kadochnikova had intended to give birth naturally at a public hospital in the city of Kyshtym in south-western Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast region.

Local Russian media says doctors chose a C-section was the most secure option when the baby girl changed position. When epidural anesthesia didn’t accomplish, the young mother put to sleep with intravenous anesthesia.

Mother Got Shocked When She Woke Up

She was astounded when she supposedly woke up to discover an injury on her newborn’s face. Doctors reported having said to Ms. Kadochnikova that her daughter ‘shouldn’t have moved so much.’

The new mum is supposed to have experienced high fever following the cesarean. She is allegedly breastfeeding her baby while on antibiotics. Till now, the hospital has not clarified the incident.

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