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NASA Explains How Earth Would Look Like If The Oceans Dried Up

Here is a remarkable video released by NASA about how would our Earth look when all the oceans dried up and leaving behind just the dry land.

The video released was just a remake of the animated one taken by the Horace Mitchell during the year 2008. He developed the video showing the Earth’s scenario where three-fifths of the Earth’s surface,, which is presently under the ocean.

The recent video was made by Dr James,, who is a planetary scientist with JAEA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and formerly with NASA. He recreated the video with higher resolution, slowed the animation to give a better view of the Earth and how it looks like during the first few meters of draining and also added a tracker to depict how much water had been drained.

The video gives a lot of information on a vast unknown part of ocean seafloor and also about human evolution. According to the report by last glacial maximum (LGM) some thousand years ago, the sea level was about 410 ft below its current level. This is because a tremendous amount of the ocean’s water was trapped on continents and countries throughout the Earth. As a result of which shallow land bridges are appearing between the continents and islands. Earlier, these bridges were used to migrate around the world.

Due to these reasons, our ancestors navigated and migrated quickly between the two continents using these land bridges, from Europe to the UK and also from Alaska to the tip of Russia. There are too few oceanic bridges which are the significant features appearing and these are strings of volcanoes formed splitting the ocean crust.

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