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Battlefield 6: Reasons For Delay And Concept For The Next Edition

Battlefield 6 is the next in line which could make a huge impact on the current scenarios of the FPS. After the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Battlefield lost his crown of being the best for 2 consecutive years. But now EA is looking for the 6th edition of the popular franchise and something big is fishing.

Delay Reasons

The game could be delayed due to several Ea projects which could make the developers focus on their primary objectives. However, upgrading Apex Legends to the next level could be a huge deciding factor that could change the whole scenario of the release.

Modern Military Based Projects

The past two games of Battlefield mainly focused on the Historical events, and recent military games are fading away within the period. Battlefield 3 was the last game of Battlefield series, which was genuinely appreciated in terms of gameplay and storyline. So there is much need for modern military based games that could maintain the standards of the Battlefield franchise.

Level of Competition

Call of Duty made so many mistakes, but this year, it looks like the company is looking for a comeback. But with the announcement of Modern Warfare Reboot, half the job is done. They brought back the game to its roots, and then there will be a fierce competition which battlefield had won from the past two years and in the segment of ancient wars. And above all, Battlefield is still absent this year, and there will be no next edition this year. This move only indicated a leap for the rival Call of Duty, and this could be a massive turn.

Game Mechanics

Historic wars have a problem, and that is the latest technology of weapons. Weapons used in these ancient period games are not entirely satisfactory for the users, as there is no advanced weaponry and air support. So this could change if Battlefield dropped the idea of the Vietnam era.

Will Battlefield Set To Vietnam?

Battlefield 6 will be expected to have a Vietnam era, or there are many reports about the possibility of the return of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Bad company 2 deserves a comeback in the next installment of Battlefield series. But Battlefield focuses on the Vietnam Era, and it could be the next one in the series.

Release Date

The release date of the game is not confirmed yet, as there is no sign of trailers and announcements by the developers. So the Battlefield franchise was on a break last year, and the game will be expected to release in October 2020.

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