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Google Stadia Vs Next-Gen Consoles, A Comparative Analysis

Google Stadia, which is a revolution in terms of gaming, which shook the whole gaming scenario. Consoles are in imminent danger of extinction after the announcement. Even Sony and Microsoft collaborated for cloud storage. It is already maintaining a perception in the consumer’s mind that this could change the scenario of gaming, but things could go wrong with stadia.

Here are some reasons why Google Stadia Couldn’t live up to the expectations of the people.


Google Stadia is a streaming service that offers a better gaming experience with the advantage of portability. But this factor could not be beneficial for Google as Games quality could not be up to the mark as expected. Then Users should move to consoles and PCs for better quality gaming.

Subscription Prices

It looks like the prices of Google Stadia are quite affordable, but collab with developers could ruin the game. Then this must be a massive blow for them, services like PS Now is available for 30$ per month. So Google Stadia should limit their prices at affordable rates so that a smooth release could happen.

Internet Requirements

The concept of streaming service is totally based upon internet speeds. If there will be high-speed requirements at the launch of the platform, then this must be a massive problem for the company. High-speed internet is still a problem in many areas of the states, so Google has to be very careful about it.

Games Developer Agreements

In case Google Stadia will not offer decent games to its consumers, then there is no more significant problem than this. Game developers skipped many platforms for their profits and revenue reasons. So axing Stadia to earn profits will not be a wrong move for the Games Developers.

Game Publisher Agreements

The latest move by Google is bringing more rebellion in terms of gaming scenarios. As Google Stadia will let Publishers offer their gaming subscriptions. This could be a bad move by Google as The greater addition of publisher-specific game subscriptions offers people more choices for the payment for Stadia, but it also makes Google Stadia under threat as there will be risks for making service even more complicated than it already is.

Simply it implies that if you want to use Ubisoft  UPlay Plus on Stadia, then users have to pay both companies to separate subscription services. This could change the whole scenario of both companies, and this could be a significant threat for Google Stadia as a user have to pay separately to play a specific game. This will also apply to other developers as they will sell their subscriptions at any reasonable prices. So now it’s difficult for a user to pay double for a game, so shortly, this could lead to stadia’s destruction.

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