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Birds Of Prey: Movie Review! Best DC Action So Far?

Harley Quinn, the actress from Suicide Squad, is all set to blow your minds in the recently released movie Birds of Prey. The actress showed her acting skills in the suicide squad, and she was acclaimed for her brilliant acting and her hard work. But this time we are looking at a different movie, so her previous acting has little to do with her recent movie?? Right?? Wrong. This time the movie begins with a new story but not alien to her last movie.

It’s not an easy job to become Joker’s girlfriend. Being in a relationship with someone as volatile and fragile like Joker, you ought to become Harley Quinn if you were to sustain in that relationship. This is the storyline of the new movie Birds Of Prey, where the story began with the story of Joker and her crazy girlfriend and how things went south before they broke up. Ok now a small clarification, the review must have begun with Harley Quinn as Joker’s girlfriend, and we have discussed the break up too, but that doesn’t imply the film is going to be hinged at an emotional drama of two crazy characters.

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So what’s make the Birds Of Prey any different from the rest of superhero movies?

There is ample ground to prove that the movie has nothing to do with an emotional drama, but this movie does break the stereotype about a superhero movie from DC or Marvel. There is a preconceived notion about a superhero movie to talk about over the top stuff and saving mankind with sophisticated technologies developed by weird scientists.

This movie at least took a different approach, and it features all the notorious villains of DC, and the real fight begins when the villains are on a gang war mode. Harley Quinn is in a vulnerable spot after she parted her ways with Joker. And now the rest of the villains have their chance to take their revenge from Joker’s ex-girlfriend.

The storyline proceeds as Sionis, the Roman Black Mask, strikes a deal with Harley Quinn instead of sparing her life. The deal is about a diamond that Quinn has to give to Sionis, and the worst part is that the whole of Gotham city including a pool of gangsters already looking for the diamond. So now the thrills begin when she has to get the diamond, and deep down, she also knows that Sionis is going to get rid of her the moment she hands over the diamond.

And now, she shows the true traits of Joker’s girlfriend and plays connivery with Sinois. She also hires an assassin to get rid of Sionis. That sums up the extent of action you are going to see in the Birds Of Prey. The movie is different, and the fans should appreciate the movie for what it is, and shouldn’t be criticized for what you were expecting.

The final word is the voice of fans, and eventually, people will know if the experiment in this segment will be successful or not.

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