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Mailman Turns Angel For Missing 2-Year-Old Boy Who Was Walking Barefoot On Highway

A postal worker protected a missing little child who was strolling shoeless along an expressway. US Postal Service laborer Keith Rollins found the kid shuddering and wet as he strolled down I-95 in Maryland on Thursday morning. The kid, Ethan Adeyemi, had been absent since Wednesday night after he fled from relatives outside his home in Elkridge, as indicated by Howard County police. Ethan allegedly followed a grown-up outside the home at that point disappeared soon after 10 pm.

The kid’s family called police who started looking for the baby with K9 units, automatons, helicopters, and firemen.

Neighbors likewise scoured the territory for the youngster, however, there was no hint of the kid. At last, it was a more unusual, who didn’t have the foggiest idea about the kid was missing, who discovered him.

Rollins said he was driving on I-95 around 8 am when he saw something that grabbed his attention. ‘I happened to see a little head. I didn’t know whether it was a human head or whether it was a creature, so I pulled over and called 911,’ Rollins told CBS. He escaped his vehicle and moved toward the kid who ‘just had a couple of running pants and sweatshirts, no shoes or socks.’

‘So I approached him. I stated, ‘Hello amigo, How are you doing? What’s your name? Are you OK?” He took a gander at me, however, I didn’t get any reaction from him,’ Rollins said. Specialists later said the kid is accepted to have a chemical imbalance and is right now non-verbal. ‘When I didn’t get a reaction from him, I chose to simply scoop him up, and I took him to my vehicle,’ Rollins said. ‘I had a sweater that I attempted to cover him up with and turned up the heat and I got back to the police and said that I had the young man in my vehicle, inside merely minutes, the police were there.’ Ethan was taken to a medical clinic where he was treated for hypothermia. He was back home by Thursday night and is progressing nicely, his uncle said. ‘Offering brilliance to God that I had the option to help at that specific time and be in the right spot at the correct time… But a saint? Nah, not in any manner,’ Rollins said.

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