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Man Slashed Pregnant Wife To Death Because He Didn’t Not Wanted To Have Kids

A JEALOUS spouse admitted to utilizing an extremely sharp steel to cut his pregnant wife’s throat while they were highly involved with engaging in sexual relations, police in Brazil said.

Marcelo Araújo, 21, asserted under scrutinizing that he killed 22-year-old Francine dos Santos after they paddled about her getting pregnant for the third time.

The couple previously had two kids, a girl matured four and a two-year-old child.

Araújo apparently conceded that he didn’t need additional kids, disliked offering his significant other to them and loathed the monetary weight the youngsters set on him as a youthful father.

The presume was found truly harmed after the wrongdoing, with slits to his neck and wrists, in the family home in Várzea Paulista, a region in the State of São Paulo.

Cops said he had obviously attempted to end his own life.

Specialists told online media G1 that the affirmation came following over about a month and a half of cross-examination during which the blamed gave a few adaptations for what occurred.

As per analysts, the suspect asserted that on December 22 a year ago, the couple began examining plans for their family Christmas supper however matters heightened and it transformed into a blasting contention about the pregnancy.

Not long after the contradiction the pair seemed to determine their disparities and set out toward the room to have intercourse.

Be that as it may, during the cozy session the presume obviously wounded his significant other, a make-up craftsman, with a blade a few times before cutting her throat with a sharp edge.

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