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The Walking Dead: Do We Have A Season 11 Release Date Yet?

The dead walking series has the distinction of being in the top slot for a greater period than any other TV series in the segment. No wonder the show has been so successful that the season is aired for the tenth season and fans are already craving for another dose of a zombie apocalypse. The show has a huge fan base, and the reason behind its success is its brilliant storyline and a fantastic pool of actors.

The show is already in its way to enter into the tenth season, and the fans are excited to know if there are details regarding the upcoming seasons. The TV show has been able to hold its audience for the ten consecutive seasons, and this article is dedicated to all the loyal fans of The Walking Dead. Now is the time to fill you in with the details of the eleventh season.

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Is the eleventh season confirmed?

Yeah, the news is confirmed, and there is not an iota of doubt in it. So the show’s renewal is approved, and fans are going to get the dose of Zombie mayhem. The news was established in October 2019, and since then, fans are flooding social media asking questions on the fate of the show. How are things going to turn around in the fifth season? What’s the cast for the eleventh season? And a plethora of other stuff going on.

Do we have a release date as of now?

The release dates are not confirmed as of now, but there is a pattern with the release dates, and we have been able to decipher that if you look at the release dates, the show is expected to be aired in October. The tenth season was also released on 6th October 2019. So chances of a possible release in October 2020 is highest. So it can be safely said that the show will be released in October and fans will get answers to all their questions.

What’s unique in the plate for the eleventh season?

The show has been renewed for the eleventh season, and it’s slated to be hinged around Maggie’s character. The show will bring Maggie back to the fray, but it will be worth watching to know the real story of her survival. How she managed to return after such a catastrophe? Her survival is going to be the central concept behind the eleventh season.

The show’s confirmation has overwhelmed the fans, and they want to know more of the inside story, but producers are in no mood to give any leaks this time. But as the wait time will reduce, there are chances that we will be getting leaks, and then we will fill you in with details. But thrillers have this essence of keeping the things discreet and let the fans do the speculations. So now is the time to wait and sing the old song of “Wake me up when September ends.”

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