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ALIENS!!! Researchers Found Fast Radio Burst Source From 500 Million Light-Years Away

As per the sources, the researchers and planetary experts have finally found out the answer to the mysterious fast radio burst from six years ago. This particular fast radio burst source model is coming from about 500 million light-years away.

While the purpose of these signals continues to remain a mystery, astronomers discovered that the source has been sending messages that have been kicking Earth every 16 days. The cause is carrying out a signal that remains for a few milliseconds once every hour, every hour for four days. It will then become silent for the next 12 days before returning to the signals again.

This would be the very first time this class of fast radio burst was detected by scientists. According to West Virginia University astrophysicist Duncan Lorimer, this finding is important and can lead scientists in the right spot in figuring out where the sounds are originating from.

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Source: New York Post

While this strange sound is discovered millions of light-years away, experts have already commented on the possibility of it being a form of alien information. As to why they directed it out, they revealed that 16 days to convey a message to Earth is unrealistic and wasteful. On the other hand, they consider that the source where the fast radio burst pattern is developing from is in orbit.

Meanwhile, planetary experts are still looking into the likelihood of humans being able to live and grow in other planets. Many space agencies are seeing into the situations of Mars, and some are even studying at one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa.

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