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Girl’s Love Marriage, Forces Family To Self-Murder

Indeed, even as the State was thinking about the destruction of a youthful speaker who was determined to fire by an abandoned suitor, stunning news has radiated of suicide by a family in Gadchiroli.

Agitated with their little girl’s affection union with a kid who they felt was lower in the social hierarchy inferable from his standing, the guardians and her sibling ended it all on Monday by bouncing into a well.

Respect killings over between standing relationships are not new to the state, and there have been occasions of a young lady’s significant other being killed by a disturbed parent or a sibling – a social discomfort that was featured in a Marathi film Sairat.

Wargantiwar (52), a rancher, and his better half Vaishali (43), and everyday wage specialist in the area general medical clinic. They were remaining at a leased level with their child Sairam (19) and girl Pranali (24).

Pranali was an instructor in a private cloister school, and her sibling was concentrating in the twelfth standard. The kid whom she got hitched to was working in a private firm.

Pranali made a decent attempt to persuade her folks about her benevolent marriage; however, when they neglected to yield, she revealed to them two months back that she was proceeding in any case. The guardians attempted to discourage her yet fizzled. At the center of the column was the rank tag, which turned into a trigger for suicide.

“The guardians had a place with the “Gaanli” rank, which is an OBC; in any case, they had doubts about the man of the hour who had a place with the ‘sweeper’ station, which is a Scheduled Caste. The guardians, attributable to their slanted reasoning and station elements, felt mortified and offended.”

On Saturday, Pranali left home, and on Sunday, she got hitched at a well known Shiv Temple in the close by Markanda town. In the wake of finding out about the wedding, the troubled family would not eat, notwithstanding neighbors attempting their best to conciliate them.

The fomented family even drew nearer Pradip Chaugaokar, the police sub overseer of the territory, to record an objection against their little girl. The police, as well, attempted to persuade them that since the kid and the young lady are of eligible age, a body of evidence can’t be enrolled against them.

On Monday evening, neighbors brought nourishment for the family yet they would not eat.

Around 12 early afternoons, the troubled family ventured out from home and strolled for a km. On arriving at a close-by well in a ranch, they educated their proprietor about their choice to end it all.

“You will never observe us, we are leaving this world,” they educated him on versatile, and the stunned landowner educated the police. Prior to making the deadly stride, they set aside their watches and mobiles on the external mass of the well.

Each of the three bodies was recuperated by the police around 3 pm. Remiss reports got by the FPJ reporter said the anguished recently wedded couple, on finding out about the disaster, additionally attempted to end it all, yet were foiled.

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