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NASA Seeks Support From Car Manufacturers To Design The New Lunar Rover

The National Aeronautics and Space Association(NASA) is now seeking guidance from amongst car companies to support plan and build a new lunar rover for the Artemis program set in the year 2024. on

This is running to be a mission on about arriving on the Moon by another astronomer and it is said that this time the space agency is planning to send a woman for the mission.

In line with this attempt, they are expecting to work on the fabulous minds of car companies to build a more sustainable lunar rover for that purpose that can carry the pair to and from the coveted target, which would be the Lunar Poles.

The space agency is although requesting for help, it has made it apparent to the manufacturers that this would be no small vehicle that has been ever created before. It has to go over and ahead with its designations and would produce and function flawlessly.

It will require to be human-rated, proposing that humans can manage the vehicle, unpressurized as to like an accessible cabin, and finally, be provided with state-of-the-art tools and equipment for information.

Presently NASA has only posted about two letters of Requests For Information to various car companies out and for sure would give out more due to the delicacy of the project and the different opinion of engineers and architects around the world.

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