The Title Of Birds Of Prey Changed To Concentrate On Harley Quinn.

Source: Den of Geek

It seems like the makers of the film Birds of Prey has made a drastic decision. The decision recently made can put the whole film into a new perspective. Well, it seems like the title of the film is changed to focus more on the titular character of the film, Harley Quinn.

Why Was The Title Of The Film Birds Of Prey Changed All Of A Sudden?

It is no surprise that the only face that is pushed for advertisement and also fans are taking an interest in is Harley Quinn. As per reports, the makers of the film felt like the title isolated hardcore DC cinematic universe fans. This is obvious considering that Harley Quinn has, without any doubt, been one of the most-loved characters from 2016’s Suicide Squad.

This change of the title also has something to do with the box office collection of the film. The film did not have the bumper opening as it was expected to have in the theatres. The title change might affect the collection and steer it into a more positive impact.

Does The Box Office Collection Have To Do Something With The Change Of The Title?

The film was expected to earn something around $115million during the first three days. However, the film only managed to collect $80million from the box office collection. This is one of the reasons why the title has been slashed and changed into Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

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The film revolves around three kickass women who are out to save a girl from Black Mask, who is the primary antagonist of the film. The movie might have a slow start considering the film got an R rating this limiting the audience scale. However, fans are appreciating the movie, and we are sure the film will pick up the box office collection in no time.


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