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Woman Filmed Herself Physically Abusing A 14-Year-Old Boy, Then Forced Her To Sell Narcotics

Woman Filmed Herself Physically Abusing A 14-Year-Old Boy And Then Forced Her To Sell Narcotics

Israelis Carrazana, 22, apparently started attacking the adolescent a year ago, when he was 14 – three years beneath the time of consent in Miami, where both live. She is accounted for to have recorded the unlawful physical experiences, at that point constrained the kid, who is presently 15, to sell medicates for her sake, and presented him to pack action. It is indistinct whether Carrazana utilized those supposed maltreatment recordings as coercion to get the kid to make her offering.

Carrazana was captured Monday after her supposed injured individual told investigators that she had been maltreating him. During addressing, the presumed sick person confessed to having recordings of her explicitly manhandling her unfortunate casualty on her telephone. Examiners investigated the gadget, and are likewise said to have discovered instant messages that further affirm the charges against Carrazana.

Investigation Status

The Miami Herald detailed that she ‘guided the injured individual to sell opiates for an obscure individual,’ at that point got distraught at him ‘for not gathering cash from a purchaser on an opiate deal.’ A police report proceeded: ‘Different interchanges between the respondent and a few obscure people, through instant messages, uncovered that the litigant is associated with posse exercises.’

Carrazana’s supposed pack joins saw a ‘rough quarrel with the person in question,’ and furthermore presented him to a drive-by shooting focused on her home. She has been accused of scurrilous and lewd battery on a kid, just as advancing physical execution by a youngster. A month ago, Carrazana was captured on right offense medication and weapons charges. She showed up in court Tuesday and is being held at the Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in front of her next court appearance.

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