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17-Year-Old Girl Molested By Ex-Boyfriend, Two Others


A 17-year old girl has been allegedly molested by a group of men, including her former lover, along with two others. But she’s worried that her parents may compromise the case.

Mamie (not her real name), revealed that the incident occurred around 10 PM on the Devine Football Field in the Parker Corner Community on January 29.

She added that before the incident, she was in a relationship with one of the suspects, Eric Mulbah, Jr, but quitted after she realized that he had another relationship.

Following an altercation with Eric, Police warned him to stay away from Mamie. He had kept his distance until the night of January 29.4

Incident In brief

The victim told that since New Year’s Day, Eric had frequently requested to meet within a bid to settle the dispute. When she finally allowed, he had already planned with two others to molest her. The other two alleged suspects are two persons, only identified as Emmanuel and Dada.

On Wednesday, January 29, I was at VOA junction, and Eric Mulbah called me to go to him because I told him the relationship must stay. I went there, and he said the thing that happened between us, he wants us to settle it. He said, let’s walk down the road by then. It was 9 PM going to 10 PM. We walked on the field, and I saw Emmanuel and one other boy coming.

The victim continued: “Eric left me standing and when to Emmanuel and the other boy. I don’t know what they talked about, but Emmanuel came from behind me and grabbed my mouth. The other boy raced me down. Emmanuel held my mouth. Eric was the first who forcefully molested me.

“After him, Emmanuel came there and the other boy  I don’t know his name, but I know him by face. I was fighting but I was not able to move from there. I was bleeding. One little boy came and said what happened? And I told him that Eric and his friends molested me.”

The boy then used her cellphone to call for help, she recalled.

Mamie said Eric earlier denied committing the act, but would later confide in his father, who, she claimed, has been allegedly apologizing on the suspect’s behalf.

On Thursday, parents told Eric, and he said it was not his doing. My father called Eric’s father and said ‘called your son and ask him good, when it is not his doing, I will carry the case to the police station, when that is his doing; we will know how to handle it’,”

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