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47-Year-Old Woman Shoots Her Sister, Facing Gun Charges


A 47-year-old McRae woman who reportedly shot her sister has officially been charged with two class B offenses, including first-degree domestic battery.

A warrant was issued recently at the request of the 17th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for Amy R. Shipley on the battery and possession of guns by certain person charges. Shipley was not in custody as of Friday afternoon and no court date had been scheduled.

Affidavit Claims

According to the affidavit by Detective Joshua M. Biviano of the White County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at a McRae residence Dec. 3 and concluded that Shipley shot her sister during a discussion. The alleged victim, who was reportedly shot in her right shoulder, “with an exit wound to her upper, middle back,” was carried to Unity Health-White County Medical Center for treatment.

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