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A Man Wrongly Assumes He Has Coronavirus, Kills Self To Save The Village

The tale coronavirus (2019-nCoV) risk in India has been troubling recently. The coronavirus danger slaughtered a man in the Chittoor region of Andhra Pradesh.

He kicked the bucket not due to the coronavirus yet a grave misreading. The 54-year-old Chittoor man killed himself after he thought he had coronavirus contamination, so was not the situation as he confused his side effects with those of coronavirus, as indicated by a The News Minute report.

A miscommunication with specialists prompted his demise as he wrongly suspected he had coronavirus.

The specialists told the man he didn’t have coronavirus, yet he asked them, including all the residents, to avoid him else they also would contract coronavirus, the report said.

The man was encouraged to wear a cover because of some disease with the goal that he didn’t contract different contaminations. This caused him to act abnormally and on Monday, he killed himself, as indicated by the report.

His child said that his dad froze and was of the solid view that he had contracted coronavirus. This prompted even more frenzy when the man began saying he expected to execute himself to keep others safes from him and coronavirus.


A week ago, out of the 324 individuals that were emptied from China through first Air India flight, 56, 53, and 42 were from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, separately.

With the danger of novel coronavirus posing a potential threat, the Union Health Ministry has chosen to stock up at any rate 50,000 individual insurance gear (PPE) packs for specialists and other therapeutic staff treating the patients.

India is among the best 30 nations at “high-hazard” from the spread of the dangerous coronavirus, as per an examination dependent on the number of air explorers anticipated to land in the countries from the most exceedingly terrible influenced urban communities in China.

A coronavirus is a large group of infections that causes diseases going from the typical cold to intense respiratory disorders; however, the infection that has executed individuals in China is a novel strain and not seen previously.

Basic indications of the novel coronavirus strain incorporate respiratory side effects, for example, fever, hack, and brevity of breath, as per the World Health Organization (WHO).

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