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After A Soft Opening At Box Office, Birds Of Prey Title Is Changing To Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

It seems like the DC studio is a tad bit disappointed in how the box office collection of the much-anticipated movie Birds of Prey turned out to be. While both the filmmakers and fans had huge expectations out of the movie, it somehow had a slow opening at the box office.

Why Did Filmmakers Change The Original Title Of The Movie, Birds Of Prey?

While the film was expected to ear something around $115 million during the first three days, the film could only manage to earn around $80 million. This sudden yet disappointing aspect has made the makers of the film change the movie title into Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. This decision, although it seems sudden, has a big reason for it.

This decision can partly be made because of the fact that Harley Quinn has gained massive popularity after the release of the Suicide Squad. There is a huge hype about the character, and that’s what the filmmakers are utilizing to increase box office turnout! Although fans are already in awe of the films and are appreciating the whole movie.

Is This Decision An Attempt To Boost The Tanking Box Office Collection?

The film revolves around three badass women who, by an unexpected turn of events, are set to save a young girl from the wrath of Blackmask. The black mask is the primary antagonist of the film.

Considering the fact that the film got an R- rating, this aspect can also affect the film as it limits the viewers who can watch the movie. It seems like the slashing out of the original title is yet another attempt to boost up the box office collection. This film was one of the most anticipated projects released by The DC Comics, and a cold opening might affect the overall quality for the whole year.

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