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Amazon Delivery Guy Accidentally Traps A Woman In Her Home


A woman was trapped in her home for more than an hour last January after an Amazon delivery official left a large package blocking her door.

Student Izzy Rivkind offers narration and video on the escape from her own house with the aid of a kitchen spatula after the heavy package blocked her from opening her front door.

‘Thanks, Obama,’ Rivkind shouts at the start of the video as she begins to plan her escape.

After more than an hour, Rivkind was able to get out to get her nails done, but not until her Amazon package arrives a bit of a bashing.

Rivkind Words

‘I ordered a package from amazon. It came while I was home alone. When I was about to leave, I tried to open the screen door, which opens outward,‘ she said.

‘To my surprise, the door was stuck and wouldn’t open more than 3 inches because the package was stuck between these bricks and the door.’

Rivkind, who seems to take her home bondage pretty well, trying to open her door to get out but not being able to push the large Amazon package placed right in front.

While the first door opens inside, the screen door gets caught on the package as she tries to leave, and a frustrated Rivkind can be heard blaming President Barack Obama and giving the middle finger.

In her TikTok video posted on January 12, 2020, Rivkind records her eventual escape, trying to edge the window of the screen door open before running to her kitchen to find some makeshift escape tools.

‘I was stuck for almost an hour trying to get out. I ended up using a spatula after the window on the screen door wouldn’t open,‘ she said.

‘I finally got the package to move.

‘I recorded the whole process on TikTok, and it ended up getting over 126,000 views and 11.6k likes and counting,’ the woman added.

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