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Here Are The 8 Best Anime Movies On Amazon Prime

Perhaps Amazon isn’t your first name when you think about where you’ll be watching your anime later. Let’s face it, Hulu and Netflix rule the anime streaming game today-even Crunchyroll seems less and less like a good deal. Hulu might have its new agreement with Funimation, and Netflix might make anime modifications easier than ever before, but Amazon doesn’t count.

#1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

At the beginning of this article, the only reason “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” is here is because it is such an obvious choice that it almost warrants not to include it at all. I highly recommend that anyone who has yet to watch the series do so immediately. However, if you need the elevator pitch, then here is: “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” follows Elric brothers in their quest to make their bodies whole after a failed attempt to revive their dead mother. The story is a beautifully told tale of hope, the perils of war, and two brothers who are willing to go to each other for the lengths.

#2. Made In Abyss

“Made in Abyss” by Akihito Tsukushi is a beautiful adaptation of the manga. We are following a young girl named Riko, a legendary raider’s daughter, as she decides to make her way down the titular Abyss to find her mother. The Abyss is filled with all kinds of magic and artifacts that fuel the communities living along its rim. The cute character designs and style of art can lead you to believe that this is just another happy-go-lucky adventure story with a few young protagonists starring.

#3. Darker Than Black

It is a dark, gritty tale about a group of super-powered individuals named contractors after a particular incident changes the course of this version of earth’s history. This tracks Hei, a contractor who works for the mysterious syndicate, as he traverses the complicated cityscape of Tokyo during the aftermath of the events of the Gate of Heaven and the Gate of Hell. To be sure, it has some pacing problems, but the story that “Darker Than Black” is trying to tell at its core is worth the mysterious veil that covers the first half of the season.

#4. Onihei

Onihei is an adaptation of a 1960s novel, set in Japan in the 1780s. This portrays a lawyer named Heizou Hasegawa, as he deals with his time offenders. The series is entirely episodic, with the viewer encountering each episode with new criminals and victims. It’s full of lovely sword fights, but the action isn’t the only reason to watch this series.

#5. Mushi-Shi

Mushi-Shi has no real overarching story to speak about as it’s more of a short-tale anthology following the self-described Mushi (spirits) master, Ginko. We watch Ginko as he traverses a fictional version of Japan between the Edo and Meiji periods, solving the Mushi-induced problems. Mushi-Shi is not an anime for wild action sequences or long-running plots that lead to a gigantic confrontation with the main antagonist.

#6. Inuyashiki Last Hero

The series follows high school and an older man who, as they adjust to their new worlds and bodies, has been picked up by the aliens. Such two men are both unaware of what happened and are disrespectful of each other.

#7. Elfen Lied

Under all the layers and layers of blood and dismembered parts of the body, Elfen Lied has a mysterious beauty. Elfen Lied is weird and unlike anything else around. Then show it to all your mates, so they know it is there.

#8. Blue Exorcist

While some other series, such as the recent Vatican Miracle Examiner, that make the idea and use it to tell a more realistic story close to home, Blue Exorcist goes the other way round. The series revolves around Rin Okumura, Lucifer’s strangled son himself, along with his younger brother Yukio Okumura.

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