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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Keanu Reeves’ Matrix 4

In The Matrix 4, Neo and a younger Morpheus may have their positions reversed. While the Wachowskis find 1999’s original The Matrix a revolutionary piece of filmmaking, the two film sequels that followed are generally thought to have ruined the series rather than improved it.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t dampened fan anticipation for a modern Matrix sequel, and a fourth film was finally announced in 2019 after many years of speculation.

#1. Morpheus Is Young

Morpheus, rumors that an earlier version of the character would be included in The Matrix 4, started even before Mateen joined the cast. Still, the actor Aquaman and Watchmen were subsequently connected to the coveted role.

#2. Neo Inside Matrix

Recent images from initial shooting on The Matrix 4 seem to suggest that Neo finds itself within the artificial world of the Matrix once more. Reeves is dressed in a typical street in everyday clothes, a scream far from the leather and sunglasses-clad god he had turned into by the end of The Matrix Revolutions. This would seem to indicate a timeline reset of some kind. Neo, or maybe even Thomas Anderson, is either back to being a regular guy or trying to mix in a little more than he used to.

#3. Neo Wakes Up Before Morpheus

If Keanu Reeves ‘ Neo and Yahya Abdul-Mateen’s Morpheus find themselves in the same Matrix loop, it follows naturally that Neo will be the more “awake” of the two, even though he will have to go through the whole frustrating and soggy phase once again. It is here that position switching comes into play. When Neo encounters a younger Morpheus in the Matrix, there would still be a plug-in to the future Resistance leader.

It would then be up to Neo to track Morpheus and give him the “red pill / blue pill” dilemma that Laurence Fishburne presented to him in 1999. Having opened the eyes of Morpheus to the real world, it would then fall to Neo and Trinity to teach him the requisite skills to survive while being unplugged.

#4. Neo/Morpheus Switch

Neo-educating, a young and freshly unplugged Morpheus, would mean that The Matrix 4 illuminates the 1999 film in a new context. For example, their encounter in the original film may explain why Fishburne’s Morpheus retained such unwavering faith in Neo-because he recalls meeting the man somewhere in the back of his mind beforehand. The idea of the time loop can even be further developed, with Neo sowing the seeds for Morpheus in the previous reboot of the Matrix to locate “Thomas Anderson,” thereby setting up his redemption.

Keanu Reeves playing the role of a tutor may mean that he is not going to be the main protagonist of The Matrix 4, with his student instead of taking the mantle. Neo’s dominant creation in the original trilogy was his transformation from a sleepwalking nobody to a Jesus-like hero, and The Matrix 4 might substitute that with Morpheus ‘ journey from a younger rebellious and angry man to the trustworthy and stoic leader Neo thinks he’ll become.

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