House Of Dragons: 5 Things We Know So Far

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The nest ever show to be produced in the history of the modern TV series era is the game of thrones. The show has rocked the whole world, and there will hardly be any city in the world where you won’t find diehard fans of Game of Thrones. The show was a blockbuster, and the fans gave all the love which the show deserved.

But somehow, the best show aired in the television history had to walk the rough road, and it was so rough that the end of last season was severely criticized. And there is a problem with criticism that it becomes unending if you have been a perfectionist. No wonder Game of Thrones is accorded with the badge of worst every ending show. Imagine the plight of the producers and writers who toiled so hard to serve the fans with whatever they could in their capacity and then miserably failed.

So what’s the remedy?

Time heals almost every wound, but for Game of Thrones, it is going to be the House Of Dragons who will act as a savior to the series. The show is slated to bring those oblivious facts of Game of Thrones, which were lying dormant as they were only talked about. George RR Martin has shown the world that even the worst of mistakes can be rectified, and this is what the show intends to do.

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The new book penned by George RR Martin titled Fire & Blood Vol. 1, which elaborates on the past of Targaryen’s history, is going to be the basis of the show, and that’s something worth watching. As all the episodes will be on the line of the novel, so the show is poised to be a blockbuster, and the show is expected to boomerang the past mistakes of Game of Thrones.

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What about the cast and crew?

The co-creators of the show is Martin and Ryan Condal, and this sums up what the show is going to be a blockbuster. As far as the cast is concerned, we don’t have many details about the cast, and it will be out only when the cast is finalized. But that doesn’t mean the cast won’t be revealed any sooner, once the cast is confirmed producers will love to share the details. Independent reports are claiming that few characters from Game of Thrones will also be making their return. So now is the time to wait for an official announcement.

Do we have any release date?

The show is slated to be on the screen in 2021, but as of now, there are no official dates. The production team has tried to keep these facts discreet so that it can keep the details oblivious from the fans. The main reason behind this is because they want to reveal things with a bang.

So now if any further detail surfaces which are worth sharing, we will update the information right here so that you don’t have to worry about your favorite shows.


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