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How I Upgraded My Family Security?

Have you ever had a feeling that your family is not safe when you’re away? Are you constantly worried about the safety of your kids when they are using the internet or smartphones? I used to feel the same before I started using Titan’s Family Security app.

As technology takes over the world, we have no option but to start using the so-called smart devices, gadgets and technologies. While these smart gadgets make life easier for us, they also bring an unwanted, unexpected threat that may destroy our lives if proper actions are not taken fast. For instance, the continuous use of the internet may make the kids or even the adults too much dependent on it. Similarly, the overuse of smartphones may result in a phenomenon called smartphone addition.

But, that’s not the only problem. When your kids use the internet or smartphone without restrictions, they become prone to many unseen threats such as cyberbullying, hacking, scam, and other things. This is why it is important for parents to know what their kids are using the internet/smartphone for and to ensure they are not involved in any malicious activities. This is called parental control, and there are a number of apps or software that can help you with that.

But, what about the rest of your family? How do you ensure their security?

Well, there are solutions for that as well. A family security app can help you monitor your family from wherever you are in the world.

The reason why I use and like the Titan Family Security App is that it has all the features I need to effectively track my family’s security. It lets me track and control my kids’ smartphone activities, allows me to check the location of family members, and even see them via video surveillance. Here are the top things that I love about this app.

Parental Control

In today’s smart world, the only way to ensure the complete security of your kids is to monitor all their activities on smartphones and other smart devices. When you know what apps your kids are using and for what purpose, you can better handle and ensure their security online.

I am using the Titan Family Security App for this purpose exactly.

Being a father to a 14-year old is not easy, let me tell you. My son though is good in every aspect doesn’t care much about precautions when doing something he likes. Take the example of smartphones. He has a number of apps on his smartphone that I will not approve. These include some gaming apps like PUBG, social apps like Tinder, and some others. Now, I cannot just ask him to uninstall these apps without telling the reason. So, what I do is I track his phone activities via the Family Security app to check which apps he is using and for what purpose. This allows me to know that my kid is not doing anything that he shouldn’t or open to any kinds of threats on smartphones. The same thing I do for tracking internet activities, browser history, social chats, etc.

Some of the things that I can do using the Titan Family Security App are:

  • Track my kid’s phone location to know where they are at a given time
  • Get notifications or alerts when he needs me or is in any danger
  • Track his social activities, chats, posts, messages, etc.
  • Check the browser history
  • Read the messages, chats, etc. on his phone
  • Check the videos and photos in the gallery
  • Check contacts and call records
  • Check the apps he has installed on his phone

Now, to some people it might feel like overdoing or the invasion of children’s privacy, but not to me as long as my kids are aware and it helps me ensure their safety.

Family Security

Besides parental control, another important thing that the Titan Family Security App helps me accomplish is to track and ensure the security of my entire family, especially when I’m away.

My business requires me to travel a lot. Before, when I was out of the city on a business trip, I had no way to know whether my family (wife and kids) are safe at home, school or wherever else they are. Of course, I could call them and just ask, but it was not always convenient and calls were not always picked up. Sometimes, I used to get worried sick and had to leave immediately for my home.

Basically, I needed a way to track my family’s whereabouts whenever I was away. Thanks to the Family Security App, I can do that now. The app lets me track the real-time location of my family members from wherever I am in the world. Also, I can check the live video feed in the app from the cameras installed at my home. The two-way audio feature lets me talk to my wife and kids directly from the app. So, I know where my kids and other family members are and, more importantly, know that they are safe.

I’m sure it’s important for other family owners, the same as it is for me, to know that their family is safe, especially when they are not at home to protect them. I had cameras installed all over my home and can track the feed right from the Family Security app, so I know when my family is at home and when they aren’t.

The app also tells me the last locations of my family members and many other things like their phone location, social activities, browsing history, app usage, etc.

My Rating: 5/5

I totally recommend the Titan Family Security App to anyone looking to track their kids and family to protect them in a better way. It’s the one app you need to achieve complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting our family from known and unknown threats.

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