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Man Physically Assaults Lady, Makes Her Help Hide 22-Year-Old’s Body In A Bag

The man blamed for killing a 22-year-old person is additionally blamed for explicitly ambushing and seizing another lady, as indicated by a capture report discharged by Metro. The report subtleties the night the homicide suspect, 55-year-old Gary Walker, explicitly ambushed a lady in the wake of the shooting and executing her ongoing associate, 22-year-old Morgan Amaya.

Walker, at that point,, constrained the subsequent unfortunate casualty, who isn’t recognized by Metro in the capture report, to assist him with concealing Morgan Amaya’s body in a bag.

Morgan kicked the bucket from a discharge twisted to the head, as per the Clark County coroner. Her body was discovered enclosed by trash sacks and stuffed inside a bag.

Metro captured Walker after he appeared at the Regional Justice Center on Feb. 5 with the other young lady, a day after the shooting. The lady had the option to alarm a court marshall that she required assistance, which drove authorities to Morgan’s body.

As indicated by the report, the person in question and Amaya had recently met each other on Feb. 4. The two utilized Amaya’s telephone to call her flatmate, Gary Walker, who consented to come to get them.

Walker purportedly drove the two ladies to his condo and afterward left to go to work. The injured individual told police she and Amaya drank a considerable amount and dropped on the love seats in the lounge room.

When Walker returned home from work, the two young ladies woke up, and they all started drinking together, as per the capture report. The unfortunate casualty said Walker got inebriated, and he started contending with Amaya.

Walker was portrayed as “getting forceful” with Amaya, and the two were purportedly truly and verbally battling.

The report said that Walker left the condo and returned. The injured individual saw he had a weapon in his coat pocket as he kept on arguing with Amaya. He, at that point, threatened to use the firearm out and pointed it at Amaya, the report said.

Amaya and Walker tumbled to the floor wrestling when the unfortunate casualty heard a shot. She hurried to cover up in the condo’s pantry, yet Walker discovered her and requested her to stroll into the room and get uncovered.

As indicated by the report, Walker constrained the lady at gunpoint to perform physical acts with him on various occasions for the duration of the night. He, at that point, halted and advised the injured individual to get dressed and assist him with tidying up the blood in the living territory.

Walker constrained the lady to assist him with setting Amaya’s body in different trash packs and a cover before placing her body in a bag, the report said.

After the body was covered up in the bag, Walker again taught the injured individual to remove every last bit of her garments. She again disclosed to police that Walker had the firearm with him the whole time and she “never felt like she would have the option to escape,” and was “continually apprehensive he would shoot her.”

The report says that the unfortunate casualty misled Walker and revealed to him she had a court date toward the beginning of the day, on Feb. 5, and he consented to take her. While at the Regional Justice Center, the lady made a court marshall aware of what was going on.

Walker was captured for abuse and moved to LVMPD Headquarters. The lady was shipped to UMC to get an assessment.

Analysts served a court order on Walker’s vehicle and found a 9mm handgun in the storage compartment, just as a roller bag conveying Amaya’s body.

The report said Walker told police the shooting was inadvertent and the physical demonstrations were consensual.

Walker is confronting numerous lawful offense checks including murder, abducting, ambush with a lethal weapon and abuse.

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