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Man Starts Eating His Cell On Flight After Getting Intoxicated


A man who started eating his mobile phone after drinking from a bottle of gin on board a flight to Iceland is facing jail.

Matthew Flaherty, 44, from Cheshire, was traveling on an EasyJet flight from Manchester to Iceland in January last year.

A court heard how he drank straight from a bottle of gin, cussed at cabin crew, and endangered to kill them during the flight, which was forced to divert to Edinburgh.

During the mid-air outbreak, Mr. Flaherty started munching on the electrical parts of his mobile phone.

The phone battery began to burn, which took one cabin crew member to put it in a glass of water to stop it catching fire.

The plane’s cabin crew manager, who was very frightened by his behavior, said she was frightened that he might harm her.

He took his mobile phone out and began to destroy it with his bare hands cutting himself in the process.

He was seen putting parts of it into his mouth and chew them up.

The battery was discarded onto a seat, and as a result, it began to heat up and began burning.

Flight Diversion

Following Mr. Flaherty’s behavior, the pilot officials decided to divert the flight to Edinburgh airport.

Upon landing, Mr. Flaherty was met by police officers who took him to a local station, where he is accused of racially abusing an officer.

He appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday, where he declared guilty to charges, including putting the safety of the flight in danger and will be sentenced next month.

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