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Muslim Man Left His Convert Wife To Die On Their Bathroom Floor For Five Days After An Attack


A Muslim man who left his wife to die for five days after a brutal attack parallelled to an Islamic honor killing. He believes that he should not have to serve eight years for his crimes.

Mohamed Naddaf will face the Court of Appeal and his dead wife’s mother next month when he challenges the cruelty of that jail term.

Naddaf’s wife Ashlee Brown was discovered in the passenger seat of the family car after sustaining a deliberate assault,’ which concludes being tied up with clothesline wire.

The 25-year-old mother of three children aged under five had been bashed, stabbed, suffocated, and had her long blonde hair cut off.

Her 37-year-old husband told police he found Ashlee in that state and chose to care for her in their house rather than calling for help.

Naddaf had helped his wife into their bathroom, put her down on a flannelette sheet on the floor, and fed her water through a syringe for five days.

He set up a television and heater and brought Ashlee a pillow as he tended to her wounds.

Naddaf finally called medical services after Ashlee died on November 6, 2016, from complications, occurs from more than 100 injuries.

Ashlee’s mother, Siobhann, believes her daughter’s injuries and the conditions of her death had ‘all the signs of an Islamic honor killing.’


Forensic reports found that Ashlee had suffered injuries to her head, torso, buttocks, and limbs. She had been stabbed in the thighs and had bruising to her right side, including her breast.

Naddaf, who was trying to restore Ashlee in front of their two-year-old daughter when paramedics arrived, told law enforcers: ‘I honestly didn’t think she was going to die.’

He declared guilty to criminally manslaughter and was sentenced in July 2018 to a minimum of eight years in jail.

Naddaf indicated last year he intended appealing against the lenght of that sentence, and the case has now been set down for hearing by three judges of Victoria’s Court of Appeal.

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