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Set Video And Images Of Suicide Squad 2 Unveil Harley Quinn’s Latest Look

Harley Quinn First Look In The Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie will return to The Suicide Squad movie, which is directed by James Gunn.

Recently, new set images and video of The Suicide Squad appears in which we get the first look of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

The DC movie is scheduled to release on August 2021, and shooting also ongoing for the movie now. Now, the latest photos and videos unveil the actress on set and shooting for the film.

DC Movie News posted a video in which Robbie noticed in costume as Harley Quinn for The Suicide Squad donning a long red dress and black combat boots. She’s carrying a spear and addressing a yellow taxi just outside a construction. A new photo shared by Harley Quinn Updates reveals Robbie in her Harley Quinn makeup and tattoos present with Gunn.

In the video and image, we can see Harley’s blonde pigtails, which are dyed red and black, referencing the comic book look of the figure. Here are the video and image, have a look.

However, it appears Gunn will be setting her in outfits that reference the figure’s classic red-and-black color design, especially Harley Quinn’s latest 52 looks.

Harley Quinn’s hair will be dyed red and black for The Suicide Squad, and, at least, in this instance, her dress and boots outfit will also be red and black.

This is not the initial time the DCEU has featured Harley’s DC comics look as Ayer’s Suicide Squad starred Harley Quinn’s classic jumpsuit in a dream sequence.

Yet, this look at Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad is assured of getting fans of the character excited.

Gunn will be the third director to launch Robbie’s version of the character, and it’ll be exciting to see how the Harley Quinzel differs in his movie related to Ayer and Yan’s repetitions.

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